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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> happening right now at 11:00, a racist rant on a tour bus in san francisco's china town. what a city leader is now demanding from the company involved. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. a tour of san francisco has become a viral sensation, not because of the iconic sights, but because of what that tour guide said about the people in one of the city's neighborhoods. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang live in san francisco, the heart of the attack. what do we know about what was said? >> reporter: good morning. this tour guide who goes on a profanity laced racist rant
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indicates she lived in chinatown before, talking about how crowdy and noisy in this neighborhood. we have a clip of the video posted on youtube tuesday, we did bleep out the curse words, but if we're able to get that to you, warning, it is laced with profanity. we do have a part of it. the video names city sightseeing as the tour bus and the guide's last day on the job, though that is unverified. i do want to show you a clip where she goes on a tyrant and hear the reaction from the passengers. >> [ bleep ] your dragons, [ bleep ] this chinatown, all right? [ cheers and applause ] okay, but i want you guys to know -- tell your ginsing -- [ bleep ] chinatown! >> reporter: so what you heard there was some applause and
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cheers, then at the end of the tour you hear the tour guide countdown, one, two, three, she curses chinatown and passengers follow suit. she then takes a swig of what appears to be a brown bottle, appears to be a beer bottle. we spoke with san francisco supervisor david choo, whose district includes chinatown. this is what he had to say. >> the chinatown community has experienced over the years enormous risks. in fact, in the 19th century, 1800s, there were antichinese exclusion laws and a history of racism, but i certainly hoped and thought in recent decades and years we've moved beyond that. unfortunately, i think this dredges up a lot of intense perspectives from many residents in san francisco. >> reporter: now, he wants a apology from the tour guide company. the tour guide says she's from los angeles where the chinatown
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there is cleaner and fewer people. san francisco chinatown is the first in the country, where immigrants first came back in 1848, so this has been a huge sightseeing attraction for a lot of tourists, a lot of locals here in san francisco. now we've reached out to the management at city sightseeing, which is based near fisherman's wharf. one employee said managers got into the office about 8:00 this morning, but we have not heard back from them. according to the company website, it's been operating since 1977 and hails itself as the largest sightseeing operation in san francisco. in fact, bringing double decker open-top double decker buses from london in 2000 and the years 2005, i believe, and that was the very first to do so here in san francisco. for now, reporting live in chinatown in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> all right. san francisco has a potentially explosive situation on its hands there. speaking of explosive situations, new details this
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morning about a scandal involving the san jose police union, stemming from very serious allegations made by a former police recruiter. damian trujillo joins us now live in san jose. damian, this controversy really began in earnest about a week ago. good morning. >> reporter: it did and it's picking up steam right now, sam. we spoke with a former san jose police officer who says he got a call over the weekend by the political adviser to san jose mayor chuck reed asking him to lie. former officer made his accusations in this signed document. he signed under the penalty of perjury and the allegations in this document are truly jaw dropping. he met with me just a few minutes ago here at the police union hall. he says the mayor's political adviser called him over the weekend and asked him to corroborate the claims made by former cadet revis, claiming a former president asked him to quit for the betterment of the union cause. he also says he proposed he sue
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the p.o.a. and get the president fired. he made these declarations, again, under the penalty of perjury. >> during my conversation, i became appalled and outraged that he would ask me to lie about him telling officers and recruits to quit. it's simply untrue, and i had the absolute opposite effect happen to me. my case is that he asked me to lie and join his counsel team. >> reporter: i did speak with him this morning via telephone. he's over in omaha right now. he denied all of these accusations made by a former police officer. he said he'd never ask anybody to lie and used one word to describe the allegations. he said, quote, unbelievable. the police union will walk this document over to the city
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manager's office, also to the city attorney's office and also forward this document to the u.s. attorney's office. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> accusations flying from both sides of this thing. we'll see how it gets resolved. thank you very much, damian. surveillance video and social media helping police arrest a burglary suspect. police took him into custody after finding stolen goods in his storage unit. officers believe he is tied to at least ten burglaries in the bay area, including this one that happened earlier this month in fremont. the business owner put the video on various social media sites, leading to a tip. police are looking for his accomplices in the video. the search is on this morning for two armed robbers, who apparently have pretty good taste. they struck a high-end jewelry shop in broad daylight. this is a picture of the man from the surveillance video that police are looking for. palo alto police say that man and a woman conspired to rob the store at the stanford shopping
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center around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the woman went in first, asking to see some watches, and when the employee took them from the display case, the man appeared with a gun, ordering employees to the ground. that's when the woman also pulled a gun. the couple made off with about 25 high-end watches. police aren't saying yet how much they are all worth. palo alto police say they will release a photo of the woman this afternoon. 11:07 right now. a chp officer could face charges for allegedly sending nude pictures of a dui suspect from her cell phone to his own cell phone. according to the bay area news group, investigators say sean harrington and his partner pulled over a woman on august 29th. she consequently failed a sobriety test and was taken into custody. according to investigators, harrington and her cell phone were taken to jail. a couple hours later, pictures of her were sent from her phone to harrington's phone. he's been since put on desk duty
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until the investigation is completed. a camp counselor accused of inappropriately touching children could find out today when he'll stand trial. the 20 year old was arrested last year. his trial date was supposed to be set last month. that hearing, though, was postponed. he's accused of sexually assaulting four girls aged 3, 5, 6, and 7 while he worked at a ymca child care center in morgan hill. he's pleaded not guilty to those charges. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. well, at least three people say they got sick because they drank tainted tap water in their san jose neighborhood. the water may still not be safe to drink until saturday around landless avenue and piedmont road. the water there tested positive for e. coli last week and since then three people reported stomach trouble consistent with e. coli contamination. we talked with one woman in the
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neighborhood who thinks she should have gotten better notice from the city. >> it's great they brought us water and stuff, but yeah, someone has to be held accountable. >> reporter: you think you may have gotten sick because of -- >> i think i did, because, you know, wasn't just myself, but a couple other members of the family, too, in the house. >> the water company is not sure how the water was contaminated but say crews have been replacing a water main pipe in the area and it's possible an animal got in and somehow spread bacteria. the world series is headed back to the bay. right now the giants headed for sfo, this as we take a live picture of at&t park. gearing up for game three of the world series. >> while the giants decided to rest up for the night, the royals immediately boarded a flight to san francisco. they arrived around 1:30 this morning. nbc bay area's bob redell is in kansas city, where the talk of the town is about a certain giants rookie.
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>> reporter: the giants team, the players, they have left the hotel here in the plaza district in kansas city, now en route back to the bay area for training tonight at at&t park. trying to regain momentum after last night's drubbing here in kansas city. and try to prep themselves for friday night's game, game three of the world series. last night's game, however, started out so promising for the team with gregor blanco's home run right off the bat, but come the sixth inning, the royals fans had a lot to cheer about. the giants front office seated in upper section along third base, not so much. no longer cheers of "let's go giants." more like a mellow silence as they witness the giants' meltdown on the mound, giving the royals five runs in the sixth inning. still, giants fans confident in their team that they can come back at at&t park this weekend. >> they came through, man. they came through. >> reporter: giants' rookie reliever hunter strickland
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melted down in the sixth inning, leading to a clearing of both benches by both sides. it happened with omar infante cranked a two-run homer off strickland, as infante's teammate crossed home plate, strickland yelled and gestured, buster posey moved in to calm strickland down, but that was the end of it and that was also the end for strickland. bochy pulled him off the mound. later strickland said he thought one of the royals said something to him. he did admit he let his emotions get the better of him. here in kansas city, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> the giants will turn to veteran tim hudson to get the job done tomorrow, though hudson's been in the majors for 16 years, believe it or not, this is his first start in the fall classic. he goes up against royals jeremy guthrie, and you might almost, almost, almost want to root for guthrie. he went to stanford, he plans to
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return to the university this winter to finish his degree, so i guess go cardinals a little bit. >> we can't root for him as long as he's wearing that royal blue. >> reminder, how do you support the orange and black, we have a page dedicated just to the fans. tweet your photos or send us an e-mail. and unfortunate coincidence. why a woman in baikersfield says she is being targeted just because of her first name. plus, what mark zuckerberg did in china that stunned the crowd there. and woke up to lots of cloud cover this morning. in fact, shower activity continues to fall across the north bay. we're going to break down your thursday forecast, get you to the all-important weekend coming up after this.
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it is 11:15 right now on your thursday. isis continues to terrorize the middle east, a california woman says she's getting backlash for their ruthless actions. >> here's why, her name is isis. michelle shows how it's made her the target of unwanted comments. >> before all the terrorist group thing started, it was a positive conversation starter. >> reporter: isis lawson is talking about her name. if it sounds familiar -- >> isis. >> isis. >> isis. >> isis. >> reporter: it is. it's the widely reported and used acronym for the islamic state of iraq and syria, the terrorist group that's videotaped beheadings for ransom, including two u.s. journalists. in no way affiliated, isis lawson said it's led to hurtful
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comments from strangers, especially at her work. a large retailer where she names a name tag customers can see. >> they'll be passing by and catch a glimpse and stop and, like, laugh or actually come up to me because they glance at my name. people say, you should change your name. i say, no, actually, i'm not going to change my name, you know, i have the right to have this name. it was given to me. i know what it stands for, and it doesn't stand for terrorism. >> reporter: a google search for isis turned up first news stories about the terror group, then three down is wikipedia's definition, isis lawson, namesake. >> it's the name of an egyptian goddess. >> reporter: she's the goddess of health, marriage, and love. the opposite of the acts of violence, cruelty, and hatred the islamic state of iraq and
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syria carry out and are reported on daily. >> isis. >> isis. >> isis. >> isis. >> reporter: while it sounds like her name, this isis would like the world to know the real meaning of her name, that there is no connection and keep the comments, even thoughts, quiet. >> i'm not the only one with this name. there are other women out there and girls that have the name, and, you know, it's not fair to them and myself. >> that was rochelle reporting. isis says her employer has been supportive and given her the opportunity to change her name on her name tag, but she says she's not going to do it because she's proud of her name. people in the east bay could find out today how much they'll be charged for water if this drought continues. east bay mud is hosting a community meeting to talk about the ongoing response of the drought and how much rates could rise, also feature presentations about the current water supply and its budget. water officials will also provide customers information about water conservation.
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mark zuckerberg wowing the crowd in china, showing off his mandarin skills. the facebook ceo posted this video to his facebook page of a 30-minute question and answer session at a beijing university. zuckerberg is visiting a number of countries in asia and was in japan this week. he said he started learning mandarin so he could communicate with his wife's family. an agreement is in the works that could keep the bay bridge lit up for good. according to the contra costa times, state and regional bridge agencies are considering taking over maintenance and ownership of the light sculpture on the bridge. it is scheduled to be removed or deactivated in march for bridge maintenance, but now it looks like the big lights will be back in 2016, funded with $4 million in private money. then caltrans and the bay area
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toll authority would take over. i'm glad to see that. if you missed the lunar eclipse earlier this month, today is your chance to see a solar eclipse. this is video from may of 2012. today's partial eclipse starts around 2:00, but a word of advice here, if you catch it, make sure to not look directly at the sun. >> no. >> which may be harder to do. no. which may be harder to do if there's no sun out. anthony slaughter with your forecast. >> good advice, yes, don't look directly at the sun. you know what, i wanted to show you the clouds that moved over this morning. most of the bay area will be cloudy for that eclipse. more on that in a bit. i want to start you off with shower activity you can see spreading into the north bay and this is where most of the activity will stay concentrated, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, and even drizzle expected in san francisco, but it's not widespread and not very heavy. right now, stepping outside, you can see south bay completely cleared out from those clouds that we were dealing with
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earlier in the morning. east shore starting to clear out, as well, but san francisco and the north bay still clouded in and expecting to see that drizzle on and off at times. san francisco, points north, not going to see a whole bunch of sunshine there, but again, south of the golden gate bridge, that's where i think you'll have a better chance of catching the solar eclipse. the eclipse is expected to start at 2:07, that's when the moon will start to pass right in front of the sun. the maximum eclipse will happen at 3:27. that's when we're actually going to see most of the moon cover up most of the sun, but again from about san francisco points southward, we're going to have a better chance of catching the eclipse because we're not going to see a lot of cloud cover. after about 4:30, the eclipse ends and the coastal clouds and north bay showers will continue. again, soit of the golden gate is where you have a chance of catching that. let's talk about the rain headed our way. in fact, tomorrow will be another cloudy day at the coastline and fog and drizzle
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expected down towards santa cruz. that's going to set the stage for our next chance of rain. in fact, computer modeling is going back and forth on the timing of this. earlier in the morning it was pulling in showers around 7:00 in the morning on saturday, but now this is pulling in showers overnight. friday after midnight, when you wake up at 7:00, a lot of activity will be moving through the area, then by the afternoon, we are expecting to clear out, but there will be more showers, around game time, saturday at 5:00, pushing back towards san francisco. so there is a slight chance of shower activity for the world series game on saturday. i think friday will be all clear with just some clouds and drizzle, but overall, rain to start off the weekend and then as we head towards next week, we have another chance of rainy activity, in fact, just in time for halloween this next system will scoot up the coastline thursday and friday, bringing us another chance for maybe even some thunderstorm activity. this will be something we continue to watch, along with the forecast we'll be tracking this upcoming weekend. overall, great news we are tracking four systems in the
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next week, and, yes, rainy season finally kicking off to a good start through the upcoming months and hopefully continue on this trend and maybe end our drought. back to you. >> here's to hoping. usually you complain when there's a storm system headed for halloween, but this year we don't care. >> you can call anthony slaughter many things, but can't say he's not aspirational. 11:22 right now. in style, coming up in a matter of days, there will be a luxurious new way to travel coast to coast and we'll give you a sneak peek. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live, followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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how about a modern day gold rush tale without a big payout. this so-called butte nugget will debut tomorrow at the san francisco fall antique show. it's a six-pound gold nugget that was the ultimate find for a treasure hunter who was working his way through butte county last july. the butte nugget is for sale and could bring more than $350,000. >> handed it to me and, oh, my god. what do you say when someone hands you something like this? it is like, i think i said before, one of the largest california nuggets out there and probably the largest in private hands. >> somebody hands that to you, you say thank you. the company organizing the sale went to great lengths to authenticate the nugget. an expert had to be blindfolded
11:26 am
before he was allowed to inspect the discovery site, because a few years ago the company was tricked by another large gold rush chunk, which turned out to be from australia. >> big piece of gold. >> just saying. seats that fully recline and seasonal wine selections, it is a first class experience and it is taking off here in the bay area. >> jetblue calling it the new premium program with a less than premium price, but will it fly? ian cole with details what jetblue hopes is to be the new way to travel. >> reporter: travel in styling and luxury. jetblue says there's a growing market for it, especially in the bay area. >> jetblue is proud to launch mint, which we believe will redefine the premium market in our transcontinental flights. >> reporter: at a media event today, jetblue showing off its new mint experience, roomy seats, a 15-inch tv screen with headphones, wifi, plus pillows
11:27 am
and blankets, and a privacy door could come in handy for a nap in the fully reclined seats. >> it's a fantastic product, so it truly reclines all the way. >> reporter: the service will be available on jetblue flights between sfo and new york starting in january. passengers served food from new york's saxton and pearl. >> with what we believe is unparalleled food onboard, so not your typical airline food. >> reporter: the food is paired with a california wine chosen by the san francisco chronicle wine editor. >> we'll have seasonal selections and we've got some fun stuff planned for spring and summer that i don't think anyone's ever seen onboard before. >> reporter: on the new planes, the coach passengers will also have roomier seats, a ten-inch tv, and a cup holder. tickets for one of the 16 mint service seats on a flight will start at $599. in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> i kind of like it. >> the price associated with that. >> i would do that on an expense
11:28 am
account, not personal travel. still to come, being an inmate, getting free tablets. why the sheriff says it's critical for rehabilitation.
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you know, this in itself is really kind of a culture shift for people who may think why are inmates having access to this. >> some students don't have access to tablets, but inmates in the bay area now do. not quite an ipad, but you do get the idea. inmates at san francisco county jail now have tablets, but the question a lot of folks are asking is, is it too much of a high-tech luxury, or is it a way to prepare for life on the outside? it's a controversial program partially funded by taxpayers. as nbc bay area's cheryl hurd shows us, this is one of few jails in the country to offer it. >> today's my first time i'm
11:31 am
seeing one, having one in my hands. >> reporter: that experience is introducing dennis jones to a whole new world. >> i got to look up my favorite authors and books. i downloaded a couple today. >> reporter: jones is an army vet. he's been in and out of the prison system for over a decade. he's hoping this tablet can help him break the negative cycle and get his high school diploma. >> getting a diploma. i'm willing to work towards that goal. hopefully, this will help. >> reporter: jones is a part of the jail's five keys charter school. it's the first charter school in the country that is built into the county jail system. >> this is a natural extension of our very robust efforts in concentrating on crime prevention, which means improving our game on rehabilitation. >> reporter: the sheriff says illiteracy is high within the correctional system, so exposing inmates to technology, he says, is key to helping those caught up in the system get out. >> inmates that stay with us are getting a level of skill and
11:32 am
really a level of readiness for release so that they hope we do not come back. >> reporter: the california wellness foundation helped put together the $275,000 grant to buy the tablets. 125 inmates will have access to them and only have access to four secure sites that are monitored. >> i got time to look at baseball, you know what i mean? i could be up in here studying. >> reporter: inmates like michael hunter believes technology is the way to get his life back on track. >> help me read, help me, you know, my attention span, which is good, you know, but when i get on the street, i'll know how to work one of these things. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we are learning new details right now about the deadly attack in ottawa. investigators say a home grown terrorist who acted alone in killing and shooting a soldier before opening fire in the halls of parliament, he was by himself, they say. jay gray has the latest from
11:33 am
ottawa. >> reporter: an emotional and enduring ovation. replace the echoes of gunfire in the halls of parliament this morning. a tribute to the sergeant in arms who saved countless lives when he shot and killed michael zehaf-bibeau during a shooting rampage yesterday. >> this attack was to instill fear and panic in our country and to interrupt the government. >> reporter: so today, lawmakers gathered as planned to send a message to the world. >> we will be vigilant, but we will not run scared. >> reporter: earlier, canadian prime minister steven harveer laid a wreath where corporal nathan cirillo was killed when the first shots rang out. you could also hear the low, but steady sound of the canadian
11:34 am
national anthem, a sign of unity at the place investigators say a home grown terrorist tried to tear them apart. >> this town is in shock, this town is shaken. yesterday we lost our innocence. >> reporter: investigators say bibeau recently converted to islam and had a long criminal history before the attack, including convictions for assault, drug, and weapons charges, and authorities recently confiscated his passport after he was deemed a high risk traveler. monday another suspect officers say has tied to radical islam drove his car into two soldiers in montreal, killing one. just after officials in canada raised the terrorism threat level from low to medium, citing an increase in chatter from radical islamist organizations. jay gray, nbc news, ottawa. a disturbing trend, a maryland man into custody after he jumped the fence to the white house. that fence jumper has been identified as 23-year-old
11:35 am
dominic sania of bel air, maryland. he ran about 20 yards before he was tackled by secret service agents and k-9 units. he was not armed. last month a jumper made it into the white house. that breach, along with several other security lapses, led to the resignation of the director of the secret service. a trip back in time and peek inside the vault. a combination for the vault on the second floor of the old supply hardware building in san jose has been missing for decades. the vault unopened since then until now. nbc bay area's damian trujillo was the only tv reporter there as they finally picked that lock and opened the mystery box. >> reporter: he fixed and picked locks for 38 years as a lock smith. today charlie has a tough task, unlocking the mystery behind the vault at the old orchard supply hardware store in san jose. the main store for decades. >> i tried the combinations that
11:36 am
are common. if you tried every possible combination, you could be here for hours. >> reporter: someone forgot the store's vault combination back in the '80s. that's how long it's been since the big door was opened. until today. the retired lock smith finally managed to solve the mystery. >> welcome to the vault. >> reporter: the president was the first to walk in. there were no gold bars inside, no elaborate trade secrets or mummified remains, just a few relics, like an old coffee pot, some odd thing with a dial hanging on the wall, and a unique drawing of eager beaver, osh's mascot for years. >> this would be close to one of his first drawings of the eager beaver. >> reporter: the store was the chain's flagship. it sits on what once was a site of the place where the bambino hit a home run with lou gehrig,
11:37 am
also the place where tonight charlie the lock smith unlocked one of the store's storied mysteries. >> and this little moment of history hasn't been opened since 1987, so for almost anybody in the world it might just be shelves full of junk, but for us it's a time capsule into a time before we were orchard supply hardware the way we are today. >> reporter: damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a warning now for some voters in the east bay. double check those vote by mail envelopes. thousands were mailed tout to voters with the wrong election date on them. the real election date, tuesday, november the 4th. >> reporter: berkley voter noticed something odd about the return envelope for his vote by mail ballot, and he wasn't alone. >> i think there will be people who see november 5th and say that's the date i have to have it in by. >> seems a bit odd, i would say, how they could miss a tuesday date.
11:38 am
i mean everyone knows the date's a tuesday. it seems a bit surprising. >> reporter: the alameda county registrar of voters noticed a printing error on some envelopes sent to about 27,000 berkley voters. they say a printing vendor used by the county and other large california counties has taken responsibility. >> we proof all material before they print. this was, as they've said, a back office reprint that they did without notifying us. we are going to work with them to make sure that any type of reprint that they do in the future has to be proofed before being mailed. >> reporter: they note this was a challenging time. the county has 158 ballot types, sample ballots, and voter guides, but the ballots and inserts do have the correct date, november 4th. now the office is sending out letters to voters with the correct information and e-mails. >> hopefully, the word will get out and people won't look at
11:39 am
that, otherwise they may mail it in late. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. speaking of glitches, a glitch in apple pay that had customers paying twice and sometimes three times for their items. plus, the high-tech way to take your kids trick or treating and feel safe at the same time. cloudy skies across san francisco and the north bay, where we're seeing showers on our radar. overall, south of there, mix of sun and clouds. a break down of your forecast for your thursday and the all-important weekend after the break.
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can halloween be more efficient? a bay area company says yes, and not only that, it can be safer, too. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman shows us an app for trick or treating. >> reporter: a lot of webs this halloween. and this year, you might even use the web on halloween. >> if you want to hit this cul-de-sac, you're going to be getting gold in there. >> reporter: wants to help you trick or treat with technology. it has a heat map to show where you can find the most candy and a smartphone app to narrow down which houses in your neighborhood are giving it out.
11:43 am
>> knowing my husband, we'll probably have the phone in hand. >> reporter: but beyond trick or treat efficiency, there's a safety element here. households who signed up for next door can let you know they'll have candy and as part of the network, you know who they are. >> because we don't know as many of our neighbors, we need an easy way to know where to trick or treat. it sounds really trivial. we used to know exactly which houses had the best candy, where the best haunted house was. >> i think we'll probably check it out on the computer before we go and part and parcel with that, know, okay, here's a good block, we'll get a good run here. >> reporter: maximizing your halloween efficiency one mega bite at a time. >> chocolate, thank you! >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> pulling out all the stops there. we have an update to a story we reported on earlier in this show. the tour company involved in a racist rant that went viral online is speaking out now for the first time today, just now. this comes after a tour guide
11:44 am
released a profanity laced diatribe about san francisco's chinatown and people that live there. >> [ bleep ] your preschool and preschoolers making all that noise at 6:00 in the morning when i was trying to live here. [ bleep ] your salon. >> the video was posted online tuesday. the tour guide is holding what appears to be a brown bottle, taking swigs every so often. a few minutes ago, this statement was released, "i deeply apologize to the residents of chinatown and san francisco for the conduct of a former employee. comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support chinatown and every other community in san francisco." the ceo goes on to say that the company has added additional training processes as a result of what happened. apple pay denied the company's new and much hyped payment system causing problems for some early adopters.
11:45 am
bank of america is apologizing for a glitch causing double charges, sometimes even triple charges. bank of america says about 1,000 transactions have been affected. it's now reversing the duplicate charges. as we head into the busy holiday shopping season, a new perk comes at a higher cost. shoppers on amazon, best buy, and gap will have to spend more to quality for free shipping. according to the wall street journal, a customer needs to spend approximately $82 per order. that is up from $76 during the same period last year. a quarter of all workers have called in sick to work when they weren't really sick. don't tell your bus. a study shows 28% of employees admitted faking an illness or making up an excuse. almost a third of the participants said it was because they didn't feel like going to work. the other third said they just wanted a day to relax. but beware, the survey also found one in four employers have caught an employee faking through social media.
11:46 am
and one in five employers have fired an employee for calling in with a fake excuse. can i tell you we had a friend on a jumbotron at a baseball game having called in sick? meantime, the atlanta falcons front office getting a geography lesson this morning. >> check out this graphic they sent out. it is the plane in london, but the team is playing in london, but didn't know where london was on the map. according to the falcons, the trip ends somewhere in spain. >> great britain and spain, two different countries. the team's credit, it was able to laugh at itself, posting the good news is, we made it to the correct country, sorry about that, we are brushing up right now on our geography. >> they showed up in spain, started playing football. >> different approach. >> sorry. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with the forecast. we're always curious when there's a holiday around the corner, but also the big world series game. >> i know the weather is going
11:47 am
to be something people are watching closely. i want to start you off with today's highs. you can see most sunshine coming in from the south bay and peninsula, but getting into the east shore, san francisco, even the north bay, limited visibility because of the clouds and shower activity that's moving through the north bay right now. you can see those showers pushing through the north bay. in fact, up towards ukiah, clear lake, marin, shower activity. closer to home, though, santa rosa has been the only place that's seen measurable rainfall, and when i say measurable, just a few hundredths of an inch. that's all we've seen north of there, as well. even bodega bay seeing shower activity. this is expected to stay north of the golden gate today, but places like petaluma, fairfield, fairfax, could see activity as the day rolls on. it will be light and not expecting a bunch in terms of accumulation, but tomorrow, the thing to keep in mind is we will see widespread cloud cover through the day, especially at the coastline tomorrow.
11:48 am
not expecting to see a whole bunch of sunshine. that's because the next storm system is set to arrive. in fact, just in time for the next game coming up in san francisco, that&t park. not a bunch of rain, fog and drizzle, but saturday is the day we'll keep an eye on. the first batch of rain moves through, but look what happens saturday evening, another chance of rain drops down from the north bay and this could impact the game on saturday. for friday, though, clouds, maybe some drizzle, but i don't think it's going to be enough to wash out the game, but definitely cool 66 degrees at 5:00 on friday. then saturday as the cold front swings through, chillier, 61 degrees with showers again returning by about 6:00, 7:00. but again, i don't think it's going to be enough to actually cancel the game, maybe perhaps a rain delay. rain to start the weekend and then as we head towards next week, temperatures do start to climb just a little bit. unfortunately, though, we're not going to see a huge spike in temperatures. we're going to be tracking more rain. in fact, thursday into friday, next storm system.
11:49 am
yes, just in time for halloween. computer models bring this system up the coastline. we could see thunderstorms as it moves through. look at the timing, friday at 9:00. again, at a week away. this will be something we keep close eyes on, especially if you want the kids out trick or treating. just keep in mind we could have some showers as a new dad myself, keep in mind plan b, you may want to do that, too. kris? >> yours are young enough you could put them to bed and they won't know. >> also ruin the candy, which would be problematic. >> we have a wish list going, right? >> thank you. concern over tim lincecum after he came out of last night's game. >> that was a bummer to see. orange and black update after the break.
11:50 am
11:51 am
the field is all prepped. giants will be arriving at sfo this afternoon. then straight to at&t, which you
11:52 am
are looking at right now. for a light giants workout. >> the big question, though, heading into the weekend is, is tim lincecum ready to go? traveling with the team, joining us now with our orange and black update. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it was one inning that determined game two of the 2014 world series. unfortunately for the giants, it was a sixth-inning collapse of the pitchers, including a two-run home run given up by hunter strickland, created a deficit too large for the giants to come back from. strickland's postseason struggles continue. this is now his fifth home run he's given up in the postseason, but his teammates picking him up after the game, saying he'll be a better pitcher going forward. >> it's frustrating personally, because i feel i've let the team down, but it's the world series. we've got to have a short memory and move on quickly. >> he's a really strong minded guy. you can understand a little emotional, so we've just got to be there to keep letting him know that, hey, learn from each
11:53 am
of these things. >> the way it's unfolded, he'd like them to go differently, but i don't think anybody doubts his makeup or what he's capable of. >> reporter: after a 23-day high ya tus from pitching, tim lincecum made his postseason debut, after recording five outs and throwing 23 pitches, he tweaked something in his lower back and had to come out of the game. >> i think it's his left side. felt it the pitch before, tried to stay in there, next pitch he couldn't go anymore. >> reporter: he will be evaluated today in san francisco after the game on wednesday night he was listed as day-to-day. that is your giants update. amy gutierrez for today in the bay. >> might give the team an emotional boost. so scientists say they found a new dinosaur and the best description is goofy. >> goofy dinosaur. we'll tell you why next. hey joh.
11:54 am
whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv.
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okay, we know game three is coming up here in san francisco. royals, giants, but we're worried about the rain. how are things looking? >> will be windy. i don't think we'll see rain for the game tomorrow, but saturday's game, i do think we'll see showers then, maybe even a rain delay, perhaps whenever the rain does come through, but overall, tomorrow, clear, cloudy, foggy. good news is, giants are used to playing in fog and drizzle, not
11:57 am
the royals. >> might be an advantage. yeah. i like the way you're thinking, anthony. keep that up. 50 years ago, scientists found the bones of two large powerful dinosaur arms in monk mongolia. scientists now found the rest of the dinosaur and are calling it kind of goofy and weird. >> the dinosaur, some 70 million years old, probably lumbered along on its two back legs, it measured 16 feet tall, 36 feet long, and weighed 7 tons with a duck bill on its head, scale on its back, claws, feathers here and there, no teeth, and the creature ate like a giant vacuum cleaner, like an ard vark. >> walked goofy, too. >> got a thing going. we will see you again as we do a dinosaur dance at 5:00. thank you for joining us. >> bye. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
11:58 am
preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes.
11:59 am
i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪
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♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ live, the stars are coming to renee zellweger's defense. >> i like that. >> who had the guts to bring up angie and aniston in the same interview with brad pitt? "access hollywood" live starts right now! >> well to him co actress hollywood live. >> i'm billy bush. >>ite kit hoover. i thought we were going to tape


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